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ESB Toolkit 64-bit Issue

One of the issues I came across recently running the ESB Toolkit on a 64-bit server was the following.

ESB Toolkit Send Adapter Error

Error details: The send adapter for this send port is not supported on 64-bit host instances. Please make sure that the send adapter is associated with a 32-bit only handler.

This occurred while sending a fault message to the exception management frameworks’ “All.Exceptions” send port. The “All.Exceptions” send port utilises the legacy SQL Adapter which does not support 64-bit mode.

To resolve this issue the send handler that the “All.Exceptions” send port is configured with must be running in 32-bit only mode.

I created a new 32-bit only Host and Host Instance for the legacy SQL Adapter and added a Send Handler for the Host.

    1. Create a 32-bit Host

    2.Create a Host Instance

    3. Create a Send Handler

Given that the legacy SQL Adapter is planned for removal in future releases of BizTalk Server I suspect the WCF-SQL Adapter will be used in the next release of the ESB Toolkit. Although it was hoped that would be the case for the 2.1 release.