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ESB Management Portal Customization

March 23, 2012 3 comments

The ESB Management Portal that ships with the ESB Toolkit is a sample site and is intended as a starting point for building your own portal for exception management and beyond.

This view of the portal is something that is often overlooked with the assumption made that it is a production ready component of the ESB Toolkit.

To make the most out of the portal it should be customized to suit the needs of your client or enterprise.

Resubmitting XML

The first customization required is to facilitate the resubmission of failed XML messages. “Out-of-the-box” fault messages are logged with a content type of “text/plain”. This results in only HTTP On-Ramps being visible in the resubmission location drop-down list.

To resolve this modify the usp_insert_Message stored procedure in the EsbExceptionDb as follows

IF (@ContentType = 'text/plain' AND LEFT(@MessageData,1) = '<')
  SET @ContentType = 'text/xml'

This will set the content type of all XML fault messages received to “text/xml” resulting in the WCF and SOAP On-Ramps being visible in the resubmission location drop-down list.

While there are many customizations that should be applied to the portal this is the main one to make if you require the ability to resubmit XML messages, which I am certain the majority of users will want.


MSDN Forum post by MikeGBUK