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BizTalk Server 2010 Map Deployment Bug

June 18, 2012 6 comments

This is more of a “note to self” but I feel it is worth sharing with the community.

Microsoft recommends that hot fixes should only be applied if you are experiencing the issues they address. There are good reasons for this, mainly around the amount of testing a hot fix goes through in comparison to a service pack.

I am going to go against that advice for BizTalk Server 2010 installations and add “Cumulative Update Package 1” to my installation checklist. This is to avoid a bug that has been present in every BizTalk Server 2010 environment I have installed and configured; from development machines to production servers.


I first came up against this bug through being trigger happy with the Deploy menu item on a transforms project. I mistakenly deployed the transforms project before deploying one of the schema projects it referenced. Whilst previous versions of BizTalk Server would have prevented the transforms project from being deployed, BizTalk Server 2010 allows it.

The Bug

The bug manifests itself in the BizTalk Server Administration Console. When trying to expand the Applications folder you will receive the following error:

Schema referenced by Map ’map_name’ has been deleted. The local, cached version of the BizTalk Server group configuration is out of date. You must refresh the BizTalk Server group configuration before making further changes.

Refreshing the BizTalk Server group does not resolve the issue and the error continues to appear. This prevents access to every application in the group.

For further information on the bug have a read through Knowledge Base article 2516201

This has been covered under VSTS Bug number 678144 and is fixed in Cumulative Update Package 1 For BizTalk Server 2010.

The Fix

Applying the CU will only prevent the issue from occurring again by generating an error in Visual Studio. In the case of an MSI deployment, the error will appear during the import. However, it will not resolve the problem in the BizTalk Server Administration Console.

To remove the error you must delete the offending map in the transforms project from the bt_mapSpec table in the BizTalkMgmtDb database.

-- Locate the itemId of the map
Select * from bt_mapspec
-- Using the itemId retrieved above delete the map
Delete from bt_mapspec Where itemid = 'itemId_of_map'

On refreshing the BizTalk Server group the error will disappear and the applications can be accessed again.

Deleting entries from the BizTalk Server tables is not something I am overly comfortable with, but unfortunately it was the only resolution I could find to get rid of this particular error.


ESB Toolkit 2.1 Training Kit

I was browsing through the BizTalk Server Downloads section on MSDN recently and came across an excellent resource for BizTalk Server professionals looking to learn and leverage the capabilities of the ESB Toolkit.

BizTalk Server 2010 ESB Toolkit Training Kit

I wasn’t aware of it’s release and it doesn’t appear to be publicised anywhere on Microsoft’s site but I highly recommend you check it out.

The kit contains hands-on labs, PowerPoint slides and instructor-led videos. There is also the option to download two virtual machines for use with the labs.

The topics covered are:

  1. Understanding the BizTalk ESB Toolkit
  2. Installing the BizTalk ESB Toolkit
  3. Processing Messages Using the ESB Itinerary Mechanism
  4. ESB Pipeline Processing
  5. The ESB Resolver and Adapter Provider Framework
  6. Using ESB External Services
  7. Exception Management and the ESB Management Portal
  8. Modifying and Extending the ESB Toolkit