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ESB Toolkit 2.1 Installation Checklists


One of the biggest barriers to ESB Toolkit adoption I have come across is the installation and configuration overhead. This is a genuine concern, especially when you need to deviate from the standard configuration. If project timelines are tight, this can result in the ESB Toolkit being overlooked.

Through working on a number of ESB Toolkit based solutions for different customers I have compiled some high level installation checklists that cover the most common environment configurations. I will cover each of these in this blog series with a view to removing the initial barrier to building solutions based on the ESB Toolkit.

The Installing BizTalk 2010 ESB Toolkit 2.1 guide and Installing the BizTalk ESB Toolkit MSDN library topic should be used as a reference for drilling down into the detail of the steps included in the checklists.

If there is anything you have come across that you feel should be included in the checklist please get in touch and we can look at adding it.


  1. ESB Toolkit 2.1 Core Standalone Installation Checklist
  1. April 15, 2013 at 17:28

    It should be noted that with ESB Toolkit 2.2 (ships with BTS2013) the installation gets much easier. However, the readme and installation guide did not get refreshed (in the distribution) and are still 2.1.

    • April 15, 2013 at 17:59

      Thanks for the comment Brian. I covered my experience with the ESB Toolkit 2.2 beta configuration in this post. ESB Toolkit 2.2 configuration is a great leap forward and will hopefully encourage more people to adopt the toolkit.

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